Fair compensation for UK truck owners, disadvantaged by an unlawful cartel

A collective action to claim damages for infringement of EU and UK competition law, on behalf of UK Truck Owners and Operators.
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Mission Statement
Our sole purpose is to obtain fair compensation for UK truck owners and leaseholders who have suffered loss caused by the EU Trucks cartel.

About us

UKTC is a company specifically formed to bring this action in the Tribunal on behalf of those who purchased or leased new trucks in the UK during the period of operation of the cartel, regardless of sector, and to obtain fair compensation for them. These losses were as a result of the illegal activities of the relevant truck manufacturers, who were found by the European Commission to have breached competition law between 1997-2011 and fined almost €4billion for their cartel activity.

The Board of UKTC is drawn from experienced members of the road transport, logistics and industry sectors that purchase trucks to deliver goods and services. They have been chosen for their industry experience relevant to this claim.
UKTC is running the litigation as a wholly independent body solely in the interests of class members. The Chairman of UKTC is a retired Deputy High Court judge, who is experienced in managing large and complex litigation and who is committed to ensuring that all class members are fairly represented.


Independent and Focused

UKTC is a company that has been formed for the single purpose of securing fair compensation for those individuals and companies who have been disadvantaged by the actions of the truck cartelists.

The company is independent – UKTC is not a membership organisation and therefore is not conflicted by any current or past relationships with truck manufacturers.

The Directors of UKTC have been carefully selected on the basis of their knowledge of the sector in order to ensure that the Board represents all of those affected by the actions of the cartelists and in particular individuals and small businesses.

UKTC has no vested interests and is not seeking to add value to an existing organisation.

UKTC is a not-for-profit company that will be wound up as soon as it has completed its mission including the distribution of any damages awarded. It is well placed and dedicated to represent fairly all UK purchasers and leaseholders disadvantaged by the cartel.

Our Objective is to Maximise Compensation

UKTC has been specifically structured to maximise the compensation for those affected by the actions of the cartelists. The proposed class has been chosen to include as many UK purchasers and lessees as possible – if and when the Tribunal decides that UKTC’s class action should go forward (see Section 3 (The Claim)), all the members of that class will be part of our claim unless and until they ‘opt out’ of the claim.

The compensation the Tribunal determines to be due to truck owners will be shared out between class members fairly and in full. It will not be subject to the deduction of any court or legal fees.