Discretionary Fund Management Services

In a fast paced and ever changing world more and more investors are choosing to have their investments actively managed on a discretionary basis by a professional manager. The Investment Platform is pleased to be able to offer a Discretionary Fund Management service to investors through UK domiciled and regulated investment managers, Apollo Multi Asset Management (“Apollo”).

Traditionally, Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) has been the preserve of the wealthy, with many investment managers only accepting clients with assets in excess £250,000 of higher. This has typically been due to the many additional costs associated with running individual portfolios, such as transaction, dealing, administration, custody and compliance costs.

But doesn’t every investor deserve access to active, professional portfolio management?

In response to these limitations, in 2011 Apollo launched the Athena range of portfolios, ahead of the significant changes to the UK financial services landscape brought about by the Retail Distribution Review (RDR). Taking what they felt were the restrictions in turn, Apollo created a modern version of the discretionary fund management service that not only improved the ‘traditional’ method but then also opened it up to clients with much smaller amounts to invest.

The Athena International Portfolios are now available for international investors. There are 10 different, independently risk-graded portfolios for you to choose from, ensuring every risk appetite is catered for, as well as a choice of GBP/USD/EUR currency denomination. Your financial adviser will help you select the most suitable option to meet your investment objectives.

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