Personal profile analysis – Understand your working behaviours, strengths and limitations, communication style, value to business and what motivates you.

In today’s world of accelerating change and increasing demands, unless you change the way you think, you are locked into yesterday’s performance. TPI specialises in creating mindsets for high performance.

From CPD and apprenticeships to qualifications, workshops and mentoring programmes – our experienced educators can offer a suit of training and development opportunities to meet your individual needs.

At the heart of Qualifi’s commitment to the creation and awarding of respected qualifications is a rigorous focus on high standards and consistency, beginning with recognition as an Awarding Organisation.

Our approach to performance development is based upon an emerging understanding of the biological basis for learning and adaptation. We believe that the development of expertise is an emergent process that requires the cultivation of flexible and dynamic learning environments.

If you are looking to increase the knowledge or improve the skills of your staff in a cost-effective way then we can help you to do so, with our offer of up-to-date interactive webinars and other CPD services.

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