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The 4A Process


Every person involved in the programme is tasked, as a priority, with supporting the development of the individual first and foremost as a person and secondly as a player. In many cases this fundamental developmental rule is carried out in reverse order.

The 4A process defines clear boundaries that are applied to support practitioners and players that cannot be continually overstepped.

The 4A process demands tireless commitment to continuous development and improvement of all individuals within the programme and the 4A process.

And it enables an accelerated pathway for individuals to perform at the highest levels of the game

a driver for change

The pace of change has increased the impact of our integrated approach.

Building on our core model we offer a range of interventions to help our clients, including advanced medical preventative and rehabilitation analytics. Assessment and integrated data for performance and education programmes, mentoring and leadership programmes, recruitment strategies and tools , and a range of software solutions.

And, of course we continually review our ability to help clients implement change, build talent and transform themselves into leading player development academies.

We offer a total Solution:


Consultancy Services for the purchase of from European Champions league level football to semi-professional clubs


Arranging Senior International Matches and Tournaments.


Designing Award winning Football Education programmes


Writing ground breaking Regulated Qualifications


Establishing International Academies.


Integration of the latest technology and scientific break throughs into Academy models


Southampton FC


Leicester city fc






Tianjin Voc. College of Sport



About Futelite

Launched in 2012 as part of the highly successful REFA Academy in Valencia FUTELITE has offered support and advice to organisations that encompass the world of football. From International Federations, Premier League Clubs , World Leading Academies through to Individual players our support has been delivered globally.

Our success has ben based on standards and quality and the core team at FUTELITE consists of professionals with vast experience in the Football and wider Sports and Education Skills Sectors. We have access to an associate network of the UK’s leading experts in Football, Neuro-Science, Sports Medicine, Technology Sports Management and Information Systems, Learning Support, Quality Assurance and all areas connected with performance development.

FUTELITE is passionate about performance development and learning, and constantly seek to embrace innovative approaches that  improve the outcomes required by our clients. If you have any thoughts give us a call we are ready to help

The quality of our consultants is the cornerstone of our ability to help our clients achieve outstanding results.

We invest in the latest technology and support processes to, identify exceptional ground breaking leaders that are able to constantly upgrade the service we offer our clients.

Follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s leading academies our concepts are being applied in the Premier League at Southampton and Leicester City FC.

Russell Grocott

Russell Grocott

Russell has devoted his working life to improving the development programmes that support all people with a love for Football. His ground breaking work is at the forefront of the unique opportunities FUTELITE brings to our clients.

Malcolm Frame

Malcolm Frame

Malcolm is the “scientist” of our team – working as an integral part of the world class Southampton FC lifetime for the past 15 years, he provides the highest level of insights into how the digital age is massively impacting on elite player development.

Chris Leach

Chris Leach

Chris has developed award winning technology based learning companies and provides FUTELITE clients with the potential to support elite performance development with innovative accelerated learning tools.

Beej Kaczsmarczyk

Beej Kaczsmarczyk

Beej is recognised as one of the countries leading experts on the Apprenticeship Levy and other funding streams available to support talent development. His expertise will in many cases save our clients hundreds of thousands of pounds that will be otherwise paid as a ‘tax’

Xiaoli Dutton

Xiaoli Dutton

Xiaoli is without doubt one of the most knowledgeable and influential UK based management consultants In the field of developing business links within the South East Asian markets. Our clients have benefitted in terms of savings in time and money by taking on board her advice and guidance.

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