Photographic quality displays

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Each disc is individually printed creating pixel perfect images. Designers have a full colour pallet including white to add depth, turning a plain foil sequin into a pixel of magic. Each module is reverse printed and optically clear. The finished effect presents a display that looks almost 3D and with the most amazing movement. Shimmerdisc, adding animated brilliance to your design.

Voted Innovation of the year

Photographic quality Shimmerdisc brilliance using thousands of light reflecting sequin discs to create inspiring, eye catching moving image displays.

Truly Stunning

Whether you want a sequin curtain wall or a fully photographic HD metallic display – we can help create something truly stunning.

Wow Factor

Shimmerdisc adds the WOW factor to Shop Fronts, Window Displays, Outdoor artworks, Theatre frontage, Exhibitions and Gigs.