At the core of Cindercone’s offering sits Magma, a powerful data interchange technology that is the heart of our clients’ systems integrations

About Magma

With the increasing movement of companies towards highly complex, deeply integrated cross company IT solutions it is important that a flexible solution is chosen to support all your existing and future integration needs.

Magma has been designed to manage both local and remote integrations, originally specialising in EDI and XML that companies around the globe rely on to automatically exchange data and synchronise their systems. By offering full support of EDI to the BT Edinet and GSX (Tradanet) VAN’s and support for the AS2 (Asda Walmart, Compass etc.) protocol Magma delivers the complete EDI / XML integration solution.

In addition to XML and EDI, Magma also supports Microsoft Excel, CSV, Delimited, Labeled Flat File formats and direct database updates using SQL. By incorporating event driven processes and a listening service for both IP/Port (HTTP) and disc files (FTP) Magma provides a comprehensive toolkit covering almost any requirement for a companies’ business integration needs. Reports and Messages not requiring Integration can be formatted into HTML or PDF documents and e-mailed to named recipients. This feature will be expanded further with our forthcoming Magma-Lite extension which will enable any transaction to be e-mailed to customers (i.e. Invoices) or suppliers (i.e. Purchase Orders) with extensive auditing.


Based upon the concept of Runsets, you can setup a single instance of Magma to run a very large number of integration tasks. Running off a proven mixture of procedural code and highly configurable data transformations.


Magma has a huge array of transport mechanisms built in to it. Data can be bought in and sent out over almost any technical channel you can name


The potential to integrate with almost any other system is an immensely powerful tool. This is the reason that Magma has flourished over its many years and our clients keep using us to meet the new integration challenges the encounter as they grow


Using a robust message management infrastructure Magma utilises and supports the open standards HTTP/SOAP and REST/JSON, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, AS2 and SMTP/POP3 (e-mail attachments) to send and retrieve data.

Almost any data format can be managed by the Magma product. Formats are likely to be XML, EDI, CSV, Delimited and Fixed Width ASCII.

Using the powerful Data Transformation Language – XSLT – along with the Magma parser, the incoming data can be converted from any of these formats to any other format, as required.

Additionally extracts and updates can be undertaken direct to the database using SQL commands. Java native (JDBC) or ODBC drivers are available for all common databases. This SQL functionality adds great flexibility to the data mapping process.

Magma supports internet based links to the EDI VAN’s: BT Edinet and GSX (TRADANET) and support for the internet based AS2 protocol. Providing a single tool for all your EDI integration needs.


Magma uses XML definitions and XSLT Stylesheets to manage all the data transformations and direct database updates.

The Magma parser enables the use of XSLT Stylesheets for data transformation even when the source is not XML. This means that the same language can be used regardless of the document type.

The GUI front end enables the set up and configuration of the following items:

  • Component Licensing
  • General Set Up Parameters
  • EDI Definition set up (Tradacoms, Edifact and ANSI X12)
  • Transformation Run Set configuration
  • Data tracking and message reprocessing
  • Archiving (with auto clear down)
  • Full Auditing (with debug options)
  • Comprehensive help pages

All exceptions are audited and can be viewed within the application audit trail. Errors can be configured to be sent by e-mail to named recipients (including our own support desk).

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