At the core of Cindercone’s offering sits Magma, a powerful data interchange technology that is the heart of our clients’ systems integrations. With the increasing movement of companies towards highly complex, deeply integrated cross company IT solutions it is important that a flexible solution is chosen to support all your existing and future integration needs.

Our history

Magma has been designed to manage both local and remote integrations, originally specialising in EDI and XML that companies around the globe rely on to automatically exchange data and synchronise their systems. By offering full support of EDI to the BT Edinet and GSX (Tradanet) VAN’s and support for the AS2 (Asda Walmart, Compass etc.) protocol Magma delivers the complete EDI / XML integration solution.

Our history

Originally used purely for EDI and XML, the Magma Integration Toolkit has grown into a fully rounded integration platform that is critical to the business operations of hundreds of clients. Running for over 16 years, Cindercone has developed a wealth of experience and helped shape the world of EDI processing. Now a very mature company, the Cindercone team are capable of integrating to almost any internal or external system.


Based upon the concept of Runsets, you can setup a single instance of Magma to run a very large number of integration tasks. Running off a proven mixture of procedural code and highly configurable data transformations.


Magma has a huge array of transport mechanisms built in to it. Data can be bought in and sent out over almost any technical channel you can name


The potential to integrate with almost any other system is an immensely powerful tool. This is the reason that Magma has flourished over its many years and our clients keep using us to meet the new integration challenges the encounter as they grow

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