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Group Classes

Move with Nicolette in person with our group classes held in Warwickshire, in the towns of Kenilworth, Warwick and Leamington Spa.

Studio 360

Access an ever-growing library of recorded classes, bundles and courses which offer you the flexibility to continue your practice anywhere, anytime.

1 to 1 Sessions

Private sessions are a great way to tailor a plan to suit your needs and focus on your specific goals.


Let us design bespoke wellness programmes proven to boost morale, enhance the health and improve the wellbeing for happy teams.

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My Intentions

My goal is to empower you through intelligent movement as you listen to your body; responding to its needs and living your best life.

Our bodies are all different and through your time with me you will begin to move better, breath better, with less pain, more strength and greater confidence. I want you to feel strong and revitalised from the inside out (mind, body and spirit), revitalised and in harmony with your body after a session with me.

Believe that I am committed to your individual growth and with my expertise, I offer you direction, inquiry and curiosity into your own practice.

Current Classes

When you prioritise time for yourself, with movement on your TO- DO-LIST, it offers you time to release stress, listen to your body and discover what feels right for you that day.

It is my passion to provide you with the opportunity to experience “the burn” and the power of Pilates through a creative, encouraging and explorative space. Essential to my purpose is knowing that your individual needs are met, whether that is online or in person. I’m focussed on designing sequences of flow developing challenge along the way, whilst always allowing you to choose the level where you feel most connected. Through all of our time together I hope to offer you moments to connect with your body, mind and spirit (or whatever this element may be for you). I am committed to your personal wellbeing.

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