Why are we here?

First Parallel North are passionate about helping SME’s to survive and thrive and we do that by providing specialist advice, guidance and support with sales, marketing and growth strategy.

Most SME businesses are born out of a passion for a product / service but all too often their impact is either limited by growth issues (stall points) or even worse, amazing products are lost completely by their inability to penetrate the market.    

Business Growth Consulting

Want to take your business to the next level?

Our business growth consulting helps you understand your options for growth.  We work with your leadership team to create a strategy that fits your sales goals but also marries in with your risk profile and most importantly your budget.

We work closely with you and our success-based charging model means that you get bang for your buck with us that you might not get from traditional ‘consultants’.

Making Sales

Exactly as the title suggests.  If you don’t have the capacity to execute your own sales we can help you.  Not only do we help you build the strategy, we help you execute the sales from lead generation to closing deals. 

If you want to grow your top line without the risk of hiring a sales force, then this service is for you.

Sales Training for Non-Sales staff

We do not teach sales techniques or even a specific methodology. Designed specifically for professionals who are not from a sales background or are not in a ‘pure sales’ role our ‘sales training’ aims to develop behaviour as well as transfer some skill that the best sales people use.

We concentrate on value creation, relationship building & becoming a trusted partner to your clients.  Our sales training will create a paradigm shift in the way you and your team think about sales.

We offer training in both public programs and privately to business development, consulting and professional services teams who are responsible for delivering revenue (billing hours, charging for services, winning new business, cross / up-selling etc.)

Business Turnaround

If your business has been successful but is struggling now, for whatever reason, please reach out to us.  We have a proven track record of assisting businesses that seem to be heading in the wrong direction.

Our outside-in approach creates the space you require to re-focus on what is needed to turn your business around.  We work with you to create, and if needed, implement and execute a plan.

We are experts at creating value. Our candid advice and flexible approach mean that you have nothing to lose.  In these scenarios we typically take a share of the business but even though you own a ‘lower percentage’ of the business the value of those shares is almost always increased.

Business Coaching

Having started, grown and sold two of my own companies, I am also a qualified NLP and Motivational Map Coach.  My love for helping other entrepreneurs and business leaders is a fulfilling and rewarding. Primarily focused on giving back and helping others this is a small but successful part of the overall business.

I am limited to the amount of time I am able to devote to coaching others but I am always interested to talk to entrepreneurs looking to develop both their personal and professional skill sets.

Ready to get started?

First Parallel North was born out of the desire to help small and medium sized businesses to have the impact on the world that they truly desire.